I wish there was an easy way to buy moving boxes!

I wish there was an easy way to buy moving boxes!  Is that what you say? Well guess what? There is an easy way…by buying your moving boxes by ”size of home” from Kewl Moving. All you have to do is select how many bedrooms you have and voila! Kewl Moving recommends how many moving boxes and moving supplies you need, and then ships your boxes and supplies FREE to your doorstep! What could be easier then that!

Picture yourself busy on the phone calling your bank and your stock broker to give them your new address, and meanwhile you are filling out change of address forms to send off to your magazine subscriptions. Then the knock on the door is the delivery of the big box of everything that you will need to carefully and safely pack up all of your life’s possessions!

This is a happy thought as you don’t want to put diplomas, and photos, and bibles, along with other family heirlooms into an old microwave oven box with a crushed corner. It could cause the whole stack of boxes to topple over and fall in the back of the truck, and then there goes the lamp your grandmother gave you; and the mirror you use to magnify and stare at your pores for hours, gets smashed. Thank you, Mr. Murphy!

Order your moving boxes and moving supplies by size of home from the best source for all of your moving supply needs. Not only will you have  a better time packing all of your most prized possessions, you won’t have to worry about those statues from your school days getting broken. Ah, Murphy’s Law…Take That!

Moving to a new home should be a fun and exciting experience, don’t make it a chore and a drag! Have fun and enjoy it, and good luck in your new home!



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