Free Moving Boxes Cost You Money? What!

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When many people are faced with the enormous task of having to move,whether from an apartment or from a house, and regardless of whether they are moving across town or across the United States, dread the chore of “moving” all together, and the lofty expense that goes along with that!

Most people certainly want to save money while moving, and they figure that a good way to save money is by getting  free moving boxes. The “free” part is not the part to be concerned with, for if you can find free moving boxes that are designed for moving-GREAT!

However most people search, hunt and look for free moving boxes at their local grocery and liquor stores.  Big mistake! Please allow me to explain.

Step 1-The Scavenger Hunt For Boxes
When you decide to go on a scavenger hunt for so-called “free boxes,” most of the time you DO NOT end up with clean, strong, moving boxes that were designed for moving. If you are able to find that, GREAT! Do it! Instead, most of the time you end up driving in traffic, visiting several stores and asking store clerks for free “used” boxes. While doing this you are burning gas, which is a waste of money, and some of the stores don’t have any, but when they say “sorry,” or come out with little bity boxes that were used for onions, wet boxes that had shipped lettuce from Argentina, or gigantic boxes that had crated different varieties of steak meat inside of them, none of which are boxes meant for moving. However, you gratefully take what you can get.

As the hours go by and you move store to store, you find this process to be TIRING to say the least.  Not to mention if you have crying babies along with you for the ride, a demanding career that you are taking time away from, or 100 other errands to do other then finding “free moving boxes.” All of these factors can make this little scavenger hunt 10 times more trying.

Step 2-How to Get the Boxes Home!
Then the time comes to jam all of these collected free boxes that you found  into your car, some of which are wet, dirty, and not folded down completely. This whole task is a lot easier if you have a Honda SUV, but not so easy with your compact Toyota, or your little VW Bug. So most of the time, even when you have a big car, since you need a lot of boxes you often need to make multiple trips, back and forth from the stores to your house until you feel you have “enough boxes.”

“How much is enough you ask yourself”…..?

Most people have no idea.  (That means you will be back at the stores once you run out asking for more boxes)

Step 3-Packing Day with Your Free Boxes
You start to pack your boxes. You have so many different sizes and types you just put whatever will fit into the insides of these boxes and tape them shut trying to cover the open holes in the top. Okay, admittedly, they don’t stack so well and you find youself having to spread them out all over your house. Not to mention that you run out of boxes 1/2 way into moving and guess what! You are back to step 1 in the scavenger hunt!

Step 4- Moving Day with Your Free Boxes!

Then once you finally have gone to enough stores to acculate your free boxes,

Full-service moving company in California offering a wide range of services.Misc boxes around your house will not protect your valuables while moving. They are not meant to be stacked.

when moving day comes, you find that you have 53 different sized boxes that are all various shapes and sizes, ranging from fruit boxes, alcohol boxes to bananna boxes that literally have no top to them.  (You know the ones that close with a big hole in the top!) At this point, deep down you are thinking that this whole idea of free moving boxes is suddenly not such a hot idea, however you don’t give it much more thought because you don’t know any other way.  You think to yourself that this is just part of moving- you know the required the stress of it all.

Step 5- Moving Day with Your Free Boxes!
Moving day comes! Since your free boxes are all different sizes, this makes it harder for the movers to stack them, wheel them on a dolly, and load them on the truck. As a result, your move takes more time, which means more money if you are paying a local mover by the hour!

 Kewl Moving is the most respected, full-service moving company in California.Grocery store boxes are not meant to be moving boxes. Imagine what is happening to the fragile items inside of these boxes?

If you are moving without movers, another big mistake, as you will have more chances of mishaps with all of those different shaped boxes that were not designed to move with and not designed to stack on top of each other. Plus, no matter who loads the truck; the stack of boxes can topple over if they are all different sizes, not to mention that you need a bigger size of storage unit and a larger rental truck to hold all these boxes that do NOT fit together! (It requires more space when you use many different size boxes)

Now, with all your different sized boxes that were not designed for moving (meaning that they will compress when stacked on top of each other in a moving truck) you find that your things get broken, or at least scratched or dented and once you unpack you are wondering why all your  belongings have a “funny” smell to them.  I wonder what was inside of that box before you ask youself? Hmmmmm.

So, suddenly your money-saving plan of obtaining “free moving boxes” ends up costing you more money, between broken items, longer hours of the moving company’s time, the cost of your time, and wasting gas to go search for these free moving boxes. Not to mention you feel STRESSED before you even start packing.

Don’t you have enough to do moving without having to go through this?

There is a fabulous alternative to all of this anguish…You can order a moving kit of nice, new moving boxes, along with the other moving supplies  that you will need, and they will be  shipped (free shipping) to your door, many weeks in advance of the big moving day, or even the day before if you need them. Once you have bought new boxes for moving, you will NEVER move any other way. It truly makes moving so EASY!

Good Luck with the move and Keep Smiling!


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