One of the Most Important Moving Supplies is Packing Paper Versus Newspaper

When you are packing for a big move from one home to another, even if it is an apartment or condo, one of the most important moving supplies is packing paper. Why get your hands and dishes full of dirty, smelly, toxic ink that is in the newspapers when you can buy clean packing paper instead? Wrapping your kitchen dishes with last Sunday’s newspaper is for the folks who are not aware that packing paper provides greater protection for your dishes while moving, and that it is a lot easier to pack with.

 We are dedicated professionals with years of experience.Do you want this blank ink on your dishes?

Once a person uses kitchen packing paper to pack a kitchen,  they will never go back.

Packing paper is not expensive, it provides far better protection for your dishes then regular newspaper, it is more sanitary, and it is recommended by professional movers as the BEST way to pack dishes.

When you are wrapping your dishes, whether they are expensive or not, you want them to be well protected and make it from the old home to the new home without breakage! You also don’t want them to get all smudged with black ink. Plus, even though the ink may not be poisonous, it can have toxic properties that some people get a reaction to. Why have your skin get irritated, just to save a few dollars? It really isn’t worth it.

moving to laPacking paper is easy to use, clean and protects your valuables

Overall, newspaper is made of very thin paper that does little to protect your valuables. It is great to read on a Sunday morning, but is not so great to pack with. On the other hand, packing paper is made from a very heavy stock of paper that provides a cushion around your dishes before you place them in the moving boxes to protect them.

Wishing you a great move!


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