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Welcome to KEWL Moving on of the best local movers Los Angeles. Thanks for your interest in our moving services, which we are proud to provide to the Los Angeles area.

Los Angles Local mover companies are started everyday. Precisely that is what makes it very difficult to choose the right one. When looking for a local moving company here in Los Angeles, or local moving companies in Los Angles County, or even local moving companies in California, it is very important that you look at its company history. That is why here at KEWL Moving we are condiment we can provide and surpass your moving expectations, not only in taking care of your personal valuables but also in customer service.

What is a local move? A local move is defined as one that is within a 100-mile radius from beginning to end. Whether you’re moving within the city or one city over, a local move fits in within this definition.

How do we charge for our local moves? All of our local moves are charged on an hourly basis. We’ll give you estimates and quotes when you contact KEWL Moving so you can have a clear expectation of what to expect.

This translates into top value for you.

We don’t outsource our moving operations, since we firmly believe in providing the excellent customer service that you deserve. When you deal with contractors, you never know the quality you’ll receive. We prefer to feel
absolutely confident that you’ll receive nothing but the best care and concern from our team of professional movers. From the minute you talk to us on the phone to the moment you step into your new home after moving, you’ll be glad you’ve chosen KEWL Moving Inc.


Email: kewlmoving@gmail.com
Phone: (855) 539-5668

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