Long Distance Moving Company Los Angeles

If you require relocation services to get your house full of belongings to another state, consider  KEWL MOVING. Along with our expert moving consultants who will work diligently to get all of your belongings inventoried and packed, they will also work with you one-on-one to make sure that you are organized for your big move day, by providing you with a myriad of planning tools and lists.

Moving from state to state is a big change for a family, and we understand the logistical challenges that it involves. While you are planning for the many changes that will happen in your personal lives, KEWL MOVING wants to be your resident expert to help guide you through all move-related questions and issues, and bear the weight of the moving challenges. We have been in the business long enough that this has become a streamlined process for us. It consists of the following:

– Assessing your situation

– Providing you with a detailed, written quote

– Providing you with a time line and a set of expectations

– Providing you with detailed information regarding our services and insurance

– After we have determined your preferences in all the above areas, we then provide you with lists to help you organize your household to prepare for moving day.

It is important to realize that even if a move is several weeks or months away, people often under-estimate the time it requires to prepare for a move, so it is always best to start early, in case there are unexpected events that happen in the meanwhile.

Email: kewlmoving@gmail.com
Phone: (855) 539-5668

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