Everyone Thinks that Packing and Moving is the Most Stressful Thing in the World!

la moving companiesAre you feeling a little stressed with your move?

It really isn’t that bad, you know? Maybe if folks were better prepared, then it would be a more enjoyable (or less painful) experience. Often is the fact of not being prepared and/or doing all of the moving preparations  last minute which makes moving so stressful.

Where did we learn to buy moving boxes two days before we move? That is what most people do and it creates a lot of unnecessary stress.

Instead, try it on for size. Order your moving boxes and moving supplies well in advance of your move. Then  spend time over the course of a month carefully packing up items in your home and getting rid of items you don’t want to move. If you have tried this, you will be amazed how much this approach to moving decreases stress, and how wonderful it is to slowly pack your belongings inside of your boxes over time.

Also if you buy moving boxes in advance, it will also save you money in not needing as many boxes for moving. The reason is if you need more moving boxes, you have plenty of time. You don’t have to overstock on moving boxes. Also, if you are moving locally, you can start making trips to your new home to drop off items, and then re-use those moving boxes so you don’t need as many. (This is particularily helpful with wardrobe boxes )

How much LESS stressful would your moving day be if you had everything packed days in advance? Imagine that. Everything was done, handled, packed, taken care of and ready for the movers to haul away. All because you decided to order your moving boxes and moving supplies a bit early.

Kewl  Moving is here to help make your moving day a success!  So try it on for size. Order your moving boxes and packing supplies a little bit early this time, we will ship them to you free of charge right to your doorstep, and see if it relieves some of your moving stress.

Happy moving!


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