One of the Best Ways to Save Money When Moving Is to Declutter Your House

One of the best ways ever, to save money when making a move from one home to another, whether an apartment, condo, or a huge house, is to clear out absolutely everything that you no longer use prior to the day that you are moving! The less you need to move, the less costly your moving charges will be.


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The reason for this is most local moving companies are paid by the hour, and if you have to move a ton of things that you never really use or don’t really want then you are wasting money by paying for moving boxes and larger items to get moved from the old place to the new place! Why bother with all of that?

If you are moving a long distance from the old place to the new, then you are going to need the services of a long distance moving company! Those types of movers charge by the total weight, so if you are moving things you don’t really need, want, or use, then you are again wasting extra money by paying more for all of that dead weight!

It is also much more work, not to mention way more time consuming, to pack and unpack all of that useless stuff. Why put yourself through all of that hassle? Moving is enough work as it is, and you certainly don’t want to complicate it with extra tonnage!

You will not be as organized as you would like if you are unpacking things that you will never use again!

Here are Five Important Steps in the form of questions to ask yourself when it comes to evaluating what you want to bring, toss or give away:

1. The first step is to ask yourself the question, “Have I used this item at all in the last year? Why do I need it in the new place? Maybe it should be donated to charity.

2. The next question is, “If I got rid of this item, would I miss it in any way at all? Maybe the neighbors could use it? They have always been nice.

3. Ask yourself, “Would someone else get a lot more use out of this item then I would?” Again, it can be sold, given away, or donated, remember…Good Karma!

4. “Will my life circumstances change where I am almost certain that I would start using this item?” If the answer is “no” then get rid of it!

5. Finally, the question to consider is, “Would I ever think about this item again after I gave it away?” You probably won’t, so why pay to move it? Use it to make someone else smile!

Wishing you a great move!


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